Bibliography: Witchcraft


These are the main books I consulted on the subject of Witchcraft, past and present. They make fascinating, moving and sometimes very sad  reading


Barstow, Anne Llewellyn: Witchcraze  (HC)

Beth,Rae: Hedgewitch (Hale)

Burford, E.J. & Sandra Shulman: Of Bridles and Burnings (Hale)

Dunwich,Gerina; Everyday Wicca (Boxtree)

Farrar,  J & S : The Witches Goddess; (Hale) ditto God

Farrar, J & S: Eight Sabbats for Witches (Hale)

Farrar, J & S: The Witches Way (Hale)

Geis, Gilbert and Ivan Bunn:  A Trial of Witches (Routledge)

Gwyn, Light from the Shadows (Capall Bann)

Haining, Peter: Witchcraft and Black Magic (Hamlyn)

Hole, Christina: Witchcraft in Britain (Piatkus)

Levi, Eliphas: The  History of Magic  (Weiser)

Merrifield, Ralph: the Archaeology of Ritual and Magic (Guild from Batsford)

Michelet, Jules: Satanism & Witchcraft (Citadel Press)

Pickering,David Dictionary of Witchcraft (Brockhampton)

Ravenwolk, Silver: To Ride a Silver Broomstick  (Llewellyn)

Richards, Jeffrey: Sex, Dissidence & Damnation (Routledge)

Rubican Press: Saints and she-Devils

Russell, Jeffrey B.  A History of Witchcraft (Thames & H)

Sharpe, James    Instruments of Darkness (penguin)

Summers, Montague:  The History of Witchcraft (Citadel Press)

 Valiente, D: Witchcraft for Tomorrow (Hale)

Valiente, Doreen: Natural Magic (Hale)

Wyley,Graham The Illustrated Guide to Witchcraft (Parkgate)