There must be hundreds if not thousands of books out there about the Battle of Britain and my father has an extensive collection of them. Many of the authors have presented him with copies of their books over the years and when they haven’t been given to him by the author, they have been given as a gift by somebody else which means most of them have a very personal connection. I too have met some of those authors and have spoken to many of the surviving veterans so I have had a wonderful glimpse into their world. It seems unfair to select any books over the others but some have been of particular help in pinning down events and details of the very specific area which is the setting of my story - Westhampnett and Tangmere in Sussex and in double checking points and details which arose as I wrote.

  • Enemy in the Sky, by Air Vice-Marshal Sandy Johnstone (1976)
  • The Burning Blue, edited by Paul Addison & Jeremy A, Crang (2000)
  • Last of the Few, by Max Arthur (2010)
  • Westhampnett at War, by Mark Hillier, Dieter Sinanan, Gregory Percival (2010)
  • First Light, by Geoffrey Wellum (2003)
  • The Narrow Margin, by Derek Wood and Derek Dempster (1961)

Some of the book which were sources of material for family life as part of Evie’s background, and life on a farm:

  • A Family in Wartime, Maureen Waller (2012)
  • Wartime Women, edited by Dorothy Sheridan (1990)
  • Nella’s Last War, edited by Richard Broad and Suzie Fleming (2nd edition 2006)
  • Wartime Farm, by Peter Ginn, Ruth Goodman Alex Rowlands (2012) (and on TV)

And then there were the women war artists:


  • Women War Artists, by Kathleen Palmer (2012) (and at the Imperial War Museum)
  • Art from the Second World War, Imperial War Museum

I also consulted numerous books on Sussex: guidebooks old and new, history books and lovely old descriptive eulogies about the county collected by my grandmother.