The Dream Weavers: bibliography


This might interest you if you want to explore the background to the Dream Weavers further. I have an enormous collection of books on the Anglo-Saxon period and consulted them throughout the writing of this book as I did when writing River of Destiny.  The amount of research I do tends to go way over the top, but that, in my view, is one of the best parts of writing my books.



Sir Frank Stenton                     Anglo-Saxon England (Oxford History of England)(3rd Ed. 1985)

Stephen Pollington                  Anglo-Saxon FAQs (2008)

Martin Palmer                        Sacred History of Britain

Brian Bates                              The Way of Wyrd

Brian Bates                              The Real Middle Earth 2002

Brian Bates                              The Wisdom of the Wyrd 1996

Peter Hunter Blair                  Anglo-Saxon England

 (Everyman Library)                The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

(Penguin)                                 Beowulf

Bede                                        A History of the English Church and People (AD731)

Seamus Heaney                      Beowulf ( a new translation)

Charles Kingsley                      Hereward the Wake (novel

Hilda Ellis Davidson                 The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England

Kevin Crossley Holland           The Anglo-Saxon World

James Campbell                      The Anglo-Saxon State

(Ordnance Survey)                  Britain in the Dark Ages

Mary Savelli                            Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England

Brian Branston                        The Lost Gods of England

Kevin Leahy                             Anglo-Saxon Crafts

John Haywood                         Dark Age Naval Power

Frank Delaney                         A Walk in the Dark Ages(1988)

Anderson and Zinsser             A History of their Own (Women in Europe vol 1)

Margaret Wade Labarge        Women in Medieval Life (chapter one)

Martin Welch                          Anglo-Saxon England

Geoffrey Hindley                     The Anglo-Saxons, the beginnings of the English Nation (2006)

Peter Berresford Ellis              Celt and Saxon (1993)

Francis Pryor                           Britain in the Middle Ages

Asser                                       Alfred the Great (Penguin) (written AD893; ed in translation 1984)

Bill Griffiths                             Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic (1996)

Della Hooke                             Trees in Anglo-Saxon England

Kathleen Herbert                    Peace-Weavers and Shield-Maidens


Numerous books and pamphlets on Sutton Hoo




Offa, Mercia and Herefordshire

Sarah Zaluckyj                         Mercia

Chris Peers                              Offa and the Mercian Wars

Ed. Johnson & Shoesmith       The Story of Hereford

Andy and Karen Johnson        Walking the Old Ways of Herefordshire

Keith Ray                                 The Archaeology of Herefordshire 

G Aylmer & J Tiller (eds)          Hereford Cathedral  A History


Numerous books and pamphlets on the Offa’s Dyke Path


Welsh History

John Edward Lloyd                  A History of Wales (volume1) (1912)

John Sharkey                           Celtic High Crosses of Wales (1998)

Patricia Skinner(ed)                The Welsh and the Medieval World (2018)

Giraldus Cambrensis               The itinerary through Wales (my edition Everyman 1919)

Oliver Davies                           Celtic Christianity in Early Medieval Wales

Brendan Lehane                      Early Celtic Christianity



Hywel Williams                       Emperor of the West (2010)

Valerie L Garver                      Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World                                                   (2009)

Einhard & Notker the Stammerer   Two Lives of Charlemagne  (Penguin 1969)

PD King                                    Charlemagne  Translated sources (1987)