Time’s Legacy Bibliography


As always I have consulted many different maps and guidebooks. I have a huge collection of books on Celtic philosophy and history, many of which are listed in the bibliography for The Warrior’s Princess, to which I refer constantly.  Below are listed some of the many other books I read in the course of my research for Time’s Legacy



“The Gospel of The Essenes” translated by Edmond Bordeux Szekely, C.W. Daniel Co Ltd, 1976.

“The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English” translated by Geza Vermes, Penguin Classics, 2004.

“The Gnostic Gospels” by Elaine Pagels, Penguin, 1980

“The Secret Gospels of Jesus” by Marvin Meyer, Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd, 2007

“The Man Jesus, Fact and Legend” by Michael McCrum, Janus, 1999

“The Historical Figure of Jesus” by E.P. Sanders, Penguin, 1995

“The Drama of the Lost Disciples” by George F. Jowett, Covenant, 2004

“Jesus” by A.N. Wilson, Sinclair-Stevenson Ltd, 1992

“How Jesus Became Christian” by Barrie Wilson, Phoenix, 2009

“Two Thousand Years Ago, The World At The Time of Jesus” by Charles A. Frazee, 2002

“The Holy Bible” The King James version, and also the “New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha”


“What Do Jews Believe” by Edward Kessler, Granta, 2006


“Deliverance” edited by Michael Perry, SPCK, 1996

“The Life and Work of a Priest” by John Pritchard, SPCK, 2007

“Patterns in Magical Christianity” by Nicholas Whitehead, Sunchalice Books, 1996



“Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor” by Nicholas R. Mann, Green Magic, 2005

“Avalon & Sedgemoor” by Desmond Hawkins, The Tabb House Ltd, 1989

“Glastonbury, Maker of Myths” by Frances Howard-Gordon, Gothic Image, 1997

“Chalice Well” Chalice Well Press, 2009

“Glastonbury, Myth & Archaeology” by Philip Rahtz & Lorna Watts, Tempus, 2003

“In The Nature of Avalon” by Kathy Jones, Ariadne, 2007

“New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury” by John Michell, Gothic Image, 1997

“Glastonbury Abbey” by James P. Carley, Guild, 1988

“The Rediscovery of Glastonbury” by Tim Hopkinson-Ball, Sutton, 2007


“In & Around Wells” Pitkin, 2007

“Wet & Wonderful” by Richard Brunning, SHS, 2006

“The Lake Villages of Somerset” by Stephen Minnitt & John Coles, Glastonbury Antiquarian Society, 2006

“Somerset Moods” by Christopher Nicholson, Halsgrove, 2004

“The Somerset Wetlands” Dr Pat Hil-Cottingham et al, Somerset Books, 2008

Jesus in UK

“St Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury” by Lionel Smithett Lewis, The Lutterworth Press, 2004

“Did Our Lord Visit Britain” by Rev C.C. Dobson, Covenant, 2008 (first published in 1936)

“Did Jesus Come to Britain” by Glyn S. Lewis, Clairview, 2008

“The Holy Land of Scotland” by Barry Dunford, Sacred Connections, 2002



“Celtic Sacred Landscapes” by Nigel Pennick, Thames & Huson, 1996

“The Tribe of Witches” by Stephen J. Yeates, Oxbow, 2009

“Mythology of the British Isles” by Geoffrey Ashe, Guild, 1990