Busy summer, or why authors canít go out to lunch as often as they would like!

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OK, I realise I haven’t updated this for a very long time. The trouble is once I am really deep into a book other stuff seems to recede in importance and unless I am reminded by someone I forget. (memo to PA, this is part of your job). It has been a frenzied summer yet again, writing against the clock to meet a revised deadline so that we can still publish next July. Which I understand we can. What a relief!

Having had the ms read by publisher, editor and agent I now have a window of sorts to respond to their queries and suggestions, re read it and fill in all those gaps I had left in order to check out the historical facts from the two periods involved, visit some of the sites of the action which I hadn’t got round before to because there wasn’t time, check out the natural history of the settings in October when the three parallel stories happen and start to prepare stuff for the website next year when the new novel , working title, River of Destiny, appears.

The book is set in Suffolk which I know well and where we used to live, so there is no excuse for getting things wrong – perhaps this is why I didn’t feel I needed check until the last minute. We have also taken lots of pics to go on the website . Plus some rather rocky bits of video which I took by mistake with my new phone and show how much the boat I was on at the time was batting into the choppy river water. Maybe not those!

In between times I have given a few talks, taken part in some festivals and some private events for various charities and authorised a bit of house improvement both in Essex and in Wales. I must have been mad! My desks both ends have disappeared beneath clouds of dust and I have discovered it is not as easy as I used to think to work no matter what is going on round you. The end of the garden, the kitchen and the attic have all hosted my attempts to flee the chaos.

Hopefully now autumn is here things will calm down a bit. I love this time of year and I am planning to use the longer evenings to start researching novel No 12. No peace for the wicked!


Christine Vincent on 30/01/13

Enjoyed meeting you at Woodborough Hall innottingham last year. River of destiny was the first book of yours I read. It did take me a little while to get into it but once I did I couldn't put it down. My friend bought Midnight is a lonely place which I read and really enjoyed. I have recently read House of echoes which was brilliant but scary. I am currently reading Lady do hay. You have an amazing Imagination and I look forward to reading more of your books.
Christine x

Jill Smith on 03/07/12

Midnight is a Lonely Place was my 1st book by you. I have since read 4 or 5 more. But I have to tell you that was my all time fav. I was SOO scared. I have since re-read it several times. I'm thinking of reading it again. We are having a heat-wave here in Michigan and I'm thinking may-be it will cool me off. Ha! But I do know it will scare me since I have purposely not read it for a few years. I still have the original book I bought way back when. Definitely looking forward to your latest book to read this summer. Gotta love the history!

San Hall on 15/05/12

Thank you for creating a website that makes your readers feel that you are accessible to them. I do believe that it's important for authors to do this as so much of their own personalities, life experiences, and life wisdom goes into each and every novel -- I suppose something of each author's soul. A website such as yours provides the means for readers to reach back and create a avenue of communication for both author and readers. It's great hearing about your experiences while researching your books -- exciting for us, and provides an even greater understanding of the stories as they unfold.

Dawn on 13/04/12

I bought Lady of Hay years ago and that started my love affair with your books. Have purchased every one of them but Lady of Hay is still my favourite. I lent this to a friend to read at Christmas time and she is now hooked even though she assured me she didn't read those sort of books. It is starting to look a bit battered with all the re reads. Midnight is a Lonely Place scared the life out of me as I felt I was there. Can't wait for River of Destiny to arrive in July. You are one remarkable story teller.

Lynne Wilson on 09/04/12

Dear Barbara, i have been an avid reader of your books for about15 years, I started with the Child of the Phoenix, and that was it hooked!!! I took Times Legacy to Majorca last year, and after finishing it in a very short time , I passed it on to a new friend who is now also hooked. Keep up the good work, and thank you, oh finally, my Son gave me The Child Of the Phoenix again at Christmas to reread. Regards Lynne

lisa Baker on 24/03/12

I cant wait for your new book, i've loved all your novels so far read and re read them.

Diana Rose on 16/03/12

I thoroughly enjoy reading your books! I'm currently reading "Time's Legacy" and cannot put it down. The only ones left to read are "Daughters of Fire" and "Whispers in the Sand". I'm definitely looking forward to "River of Destiny"! Thank You!

elisa farmer on 27/02/12

Hooray, another book. I cant wait ,but will have to until July obviously. My poor husband dispairs when your books come out , I get totally engrossed in them.Fantastic .

Linda Tegerdine on 15/02/12

Dear Barbara, I have read all of your books from the word go and they have all been brilliant. I basically come from Goldhanger in Essex, but then sadly had to move and now live in Norfolk one mile from the Suffolk border. I would love to meet you one day, as I have myself written a novel: Round to Midnight. This story has encountered many strange and true happenings near to the River Blackwater, I just wish that I had your experience of getting it promoted.
I simply cannot wait until your new book River of Destiny comes out and would dearly like to buy a signed copy.
Best wishes. Linda M Tegerdine

Nicola Conibeer on 28/01/12

I have enjoyed reading every one of your books, you are one talented author, thank you!! Please keep writing and never retire (selfish I know.)....can't wait for your new book to be published. :)

Jean Cooke on 23/01/12

I have just finished reading The Warrior's Princess and, although I found some of the mental images very disturbing, I was as always completely lost in the story to the point of feeling I was actually there with Jess and Eigon. I held off reading the last chapter for a couple of days as I really didn't want to finish it. I find them very hard to put down and your books always make me want to go into the history of the times they are set in, and history was one of my least favourite subjects at school, so thank you for opening up another door. My niece recommended I read Lady of Hay when it first came out and I was transported to another world and have been hooked ever since, totally absorbing. You have a very special gift which gives hours of pleasure, thank you for sharing it and I look forward to your next story with anticipation. The dust will once again pile up around me no doubt about that !

Sarah on 21/01/12

Brilliant news that there is another book on it's way, Im always in the local book shop scanning the shelves for your latest novel (I have read all your books), so I was very pleased to find your website to see I wont have to wait much longer!
Thank you so much for all the fab books over the years, you have provided me with hours of wonderful, riverting entertainment.

Mary Pipkin on 17/01/12

I have just finished reading 'Time's Legacy' and I have to say I had difficulty putting this book down. I have been a bookworm since a very young age but it is not often I have come across a book such as this. I was utterly transfixed. i have been a Reiki healer, Master & Teacher for many years and your book has shown me that I don't have to choose between Reiki and the Christian Faith - that indeed all things do work together! Thank you so much. I am off to the library now to find more of your books. Very best regards, Mary

Zeny Manks on 16/01/12

Love all your books and can't wait for your 12th! 'River of Destiny' is on my wish list

marie bruce on 14/01/12

I am a huge fan of your work and I follow you on Twitter. I am an author of pagan books so I like the supernatural, magical element of your novels. My faves are Kingdom of Shadows and Hiding from the Light. Please, please write more Scottish books!!! And follow me on Twitter? I'm new there and only have a couple of followers - would be really cool if you followed me back! :) Can't wait for new novel x

Elisa on 13/01/12

The day I discovered your books was the best reading experience ive ever had. I get so engrossed in them that the family despair sometimes!! I cannot wait for your next book "River of Destiny" to come out and hope that you will carry on for many years with your wonderful storytelling.

Florabel on 08/01/12

Can' t wait for the new book which happily appears just in time for my birthday!!, and we spent Christmas in Suffolk so will recognise the setting(s) - I can see this will be an 5* addition to my wish-list and if anything like previous reads will be revisited often and pleasurably! Best wishes for your writing

Margaret on 28/12/11

i am excited to see that there is another "Barbara Erskine" in the offering, have to be patient until middle of next year. Perhaps re-read so of the earlier ones.

Jan Funnell on 19/12/11

Dear Barbara

I have just read House of Echoes for the second time and I couldn't believe it, I didn't remember any of it. Have you ever devoured a book in great lumps like a glutton without tasting or savouring it? Well, that is what I did the first time I read it! This time I took my time and savoured it. Thank you so much for the experience the second time was by far the best. I hope you will enjoy a wonderful Christmas time with your family.

Anne Milne on 01/12/11

I have enjoyed all of your books. I can think of nothing better than snuggling down with a cuppa & your next book. Can't wait!

Tracy MacRae on 17/11/11

I was so pleased to see you have at least one new novel in the works (hopefully many more!). I can't tell you how much I love your writing, it takes you away to the time period in which the stories take place, and is so deatiled you can almost smell the earthy aromas that you describe. Keep up the grat work, take time for yourself, but don't forget us loyal readers who eagerly await your next novel!

Sue Pavier on 14/11/11

Just finished Time's Legacy. Have had the book a while but like to savour seeing it on my shelf before reading it because once I have read it that is it - I feel deflated once I have finished one of your books so looking forward to the next one. I always feel I live in your books and when I have to leave off reading can't wait to get back to see how everyone is!! Have all your books on a shelf and if the time comes when I cannot afford to buy books I can read them all over again, which I may start doing anyway. Time's Legacy did actually make me think about my faith (in a good way) and living in the West Country now want to visit Glastonbury which hopefully will do in the summer. Roll on the next book. Thank you.

Mererid James on 29/10/11

Love all your books! Going to read the anniversary edition of Lady of Hay which my friend says is amazing. Can't wait for your new book!!

Tracy on 27/10/11

Thank you for the update Barbara :-)
Looking forward with anticipation to "River of Destiny', you always provide an awesome entertaining read... I have trouble putting your books down before I've finished..

Dot Stables on 22/10/11

I have every novel you have written and I love them all. Can't wait until next one is published. Remarkable story tling
Yours in awe. Dot Stables

carol reeve on 14/10/11

I introduced myself to you at the Essex book festival and am afraid that I was completely lost for words(for a change)! I didnt know where to start with all of the questions that I wanted to ask! I did say - if I recall- that I am a great admirer of your books and always look forward to the new one being released.please keep writing. regards

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