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Blog January 2015

Catching up with the News

The last six months have raced by. The Darkest Hour was two weeks in the top 10, a month in the top 20 and has been selling phenomenally well in hardback and e-book ever since and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for their fabulous support and feedback. It is wonderful to see all your comments and realise how much you have enjoyed reading the book. This one was obviously a bit different, the setting in a much more modern era than I usually write about and many of you have shared memories of fathers and grandfathers experiences of the Battle of Britain which have been so moving to read. I read every one, sometimes with tears in my eyes at the intensity of the memories. At the same time I have been shocked by how little some younger people seemed to know about the Battle of Britain or the last war in spite of the Nazis being such a popular selection for GSCE history topics.  In some case they had never heard of it at all. I hope the tributes to Sir Winston Churchill this week on TV and in the papers will show them something of what was happening in the 1940s.

As for me I have made that huge transition now which every novelist, in fact every writer, must make every so often. I have put The Darkest Hour behind me, at least as far as writing goes and started on the next novel. The synopsis is written. The character cards are pretty much filled up and the actual story is on its way. It is always so hard to cut the umbilical cord to characters with whom one has lived so intensely, literally morning noon and night, for the best part of two years. Evie and Tony and Lucy have had a particularly strong hold on me for obvious reasons and they will of course jump back into the front of my mind in March when the paperback is published and I find myself talking about them again. Then it will be the turn of the guys in the new book for the back burner. I don’t think they are going to permit that for very long though. They are a strong-minded bunch. Watch this space ...


Suzanne on 08/06/18

The Darkest Hour is one of the finest novels I have ever read. Despite its length, I finished it in 3 days. I wasn't able to put it down. Thank you for your spectacular insight. I am Canadian and my father was in the Navy and experienced much of the war on both coasts.

Pam Smith on 21/05/18

I have been a total fan of your books since a friend gave me a copy of `Lady of Hay' many years ago. It was, and still is for me, the most fascinating tale. As each new Barbara Erskine book comes out I purchase it and leave it on my bedside table for usually about a month before opening and starting to read - I know as soon as I start I will find it harder and harder to put down and it will be over too soon so I prolong that inevitability for as long as I can till I can't stand it any more and just grab it and dive in for what I know will be the highlight of my reading year. Thank you for the so many hours of pure reading pleasure you bring to your readers.

Adela (Hong Kong) on 02/12/17

I'm always mesmerized by your novels ever since I read Child of the Phoenix years ago. My younger daughter is name after her.

dorothy bray on 15/05/17

I lent my book "midnight is a lonely place" to someone and they lost the paper cover, now i am a book fanatic and i dont like my books to be spoilt in any way, and this one looks dark and out of place in my bookcase, now I wonder if you know where I can get a replacement cover. thank you Dorothy xx

dorothy bray on 15/05/17

my self and my daughter think you are an absolutely fancastic story writer i have all your books and cannot wait for the next one, i got sleepters castle as soon as it was published i read it straitht away and i do wish you would write more often but i understand that you have to clear your head of one before you begin another. congratulations on your wonderful achievements please, please release your next book very soon i need to read it asap. thank you for all the hours of pleasurable reading you have given us. Dorothy

Courtney Flowers on 16/04/16

I am a huge fan of your novels. I first read The Warriors Princess and i got hooked, then i found out that my mothers all time fav book is Lady of Hay so that was my next one to read. I have been making my way through all your books in the last 18 months, i am a slow reader. I only have 2 to go. I am so excited that you have another book coming out, i am in New Zealand so i'm a bit sad that there won't be a book signing anywhere here but just know that you have a devoted fan in me :D

Anne Mulllock on 26/02/16

Hi Barbara

I'm Looking forward to reading your new book Sleeper's Castle and wondered if you will be attending any festivals this year?

Best Wishes


Janis Naylor on 09/02/16

Just to say how much I enjoyed "The Darkest Hour" - such a wonderful weave of present day and people from the past. I now have the 25th Anniversary edition of "The Lady of Hay" to read. Currently recuperating from a hip replacement operation, returning to work shortly. The first book I read was "Whispers in the Sand" followed closely by "Sands of Time". Anything to do with Ancient Egypt as I am Chairman of my local Egyptology Society! Daughters of Fire, Rivers of Destiny etc., wonderful stories with a mix of a little fear, some sadness and happy endings. This morning I heard on the radio that one author writes the last sentence of a novel before he begins the actual body of the work. What stories would evolve from the final sentence of "The Darkest Hour". Thank you again. Janis.

Jan on 22/01/16

I have read all of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them. House of Echoes would have to be my favourite though. Can you please update your website or ask someone to do it for you, would love to know when your new book will be released. Thank you

Sorry - yes I Have been writing and will now get back to the web site! Next book due in June

Val A on 10/01/16

Hi Barbara, are you writing ? I can't find any updates.
Waiting in anticipation for your next book.

Yes Val I am writing, Sorry for the long silence. Sleeper's Castle will be out at the end of June

Diane Thalmann on 06/12/15

I am truly addicted to all your books. They are treasures to be read again and again. Thank you for giving me endless hours of pleasure. There is never one moment of boredom, your plots flow and are beautifully written. Cannot wait until summer and your new book, already pre-ordered!

Margaret DAvies on 27/10/15

Hi Barbara, I have read all your books and have been enthralled by every one. I am not an avid reader, but your books and stories I just can not put down once started. I have now got a friend and my God=daughter hooked. Can`t wait for the next one.

Mishaal on 14/10/15

Hi Barbara I am from Pakistan. I like your books very much and i wanted to meet you in person. Your writing style is gorgeous, just keep it up. My best wishes to you for the future.

Anne on 30/09/15

Thank you Barbara for your exceptional books. I have enjoyed everyone of them. They have a way of pulling you into the web of history and mystery till you can't leave it alone till it's finished. Waiting with much anticipation until the next novel. Anne

Dawn Winman on 14/09/15

Dear Barbara, I have been an avid fan since Lady of Hay, have all your books in both paper and hardback plus kindle.I have read all of them several times over and never get tired of them. I love your style of writing, each book a winner. Can't wait for the next publication. Thank you so much for all the pleasure you have given me through your books. Regards, Dawn x

Val on 14/09/15

Relented and loaned a couple of your books to friends. Not got them back yet but thought I'd let you know you have two more fans. Looking forward to your next book.

Joan on 30/08/15

I have been addicted to your books since a friend introduced me to you via Child of the Phoenix (which I have read 10 times and still enjoy). I cannot wait until your new book is out, please let it be soon.

Heather Dennis on 26/08/15

I just finished he Darkest Hour and find it is my favourite of your books to date- and I have read many! Thank you so much for the hours of pleasure given me. I will miss these characters. Looking forward to your next novel

Lorraine Bellami on 24/08/15

LOVED the Darkest Hour, and then went back to a book I'd had on the shelves and long forgotten. Time's Legacy. My spiritual home is Glastonbury (like so many!), having had a marriage ceremony at Chalice Well years ago....- but does Woodley actually exist - and the St Mary's Chapel which pays such a big part in the novel???

Elizabeth on 27/07/15

The Darkest Hour is the best book I have read for a long time.
I didn't want to finish it
I look forward to the next book.

lee on 24/07/15

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your books and wait with baited breath for the next one. You were the turning point on the style of books I now read. Definately broadened my range of authors

Linda M. Tegerdine on 13/07/15

I am wondering when you will be able to finish your latest book and what the title is please., and so looking forward to meeting you again and reading your next book----- Hope it soon.
Linda Tegerdine

Hi Linda, I am so glad you enjoy my books. the next one will appear next summer, I hope. At present the title is under wraps!

Catherine Heywood on 07/07/15

I have enjoyed reading all your books, and always look forward to your next book. The Darkest Hour was a great story, but my favourite is 'On the Edge of Darkness.' I found this particular novel compelling.' It has always stuck in my mind. Cannot wait for you next book.

Val on 18/06/15

Having read and tremendously enjoyed all your books, I would like to say I feel The Darkest Hour is exceptional. As with all your books, your research is outstanding, but this last book is really first class. I love the way you have combined history with fiction so accurately and the Author's Note at the back regarding your father's experiences was very interesting. You have done your father proud.

The first book that I read was Lady of Hay several years ago and was completely hooked by your style of writing and the subject matter. I'm really looking forward to the release of your next book.

Val on 13/06/15

Every time I start reading your book's, the new read becomes my favourite. It's been sometime now since I had an interesting and holding story that stays with me for weeks after the final full stop. I can't bring myself to loan out any of my collection of your books and thank goodness, because I've started on Warrior Princess again with Shifting Sands waiting in the wings. Many Thanks!

Teresa Broderick on 08/06/15

I love your books. The very first one I read was Lady of Hay and I was hooked. Today it still remains my absolute favourite. I really enjoyed The Darkest Hour. Couldn't wait to read it so I bought it on kindle the day it came out. I also loved River of Dreams. I just purchased a book of short stories of yours to keep me going until your next book.

Shelagh Garbutt on 04/06/15

I thoroughly enjoyed The Darkest Hour, but imagine my surprise when, on reading one of the early chapters about the pilots at Westhampnett, I was actually walking over the airfield as I read it. I was at the Goodwood Members Meeting in March this year and this book was my treat to myself. It was quite disconcerting reading the book and looking at the airfield where it took place as I read. Slightly spooky!

Sally richards on 31/05/15

You are an amazing author, loved all your books not read the darkest hour yet saving it til my hols but have no doubt it will be just as a aunt as all your other books. Can't wait for your next book

Monica on 21/05/15

I have read 16 of your books ,the last The Darkest Hour, always waiting for the next one . They are gripping ,can't put them down . You have a wonderful way of getting the reader into the story. Waiting for the next book. Monica X

sandra on 21/04/15

Hi Barbara
Have read all your novels from Lady of Hay to Darkest Hour
Every story as you engrossed to the last page, As you write the characters so well, You feel the places that you describe!!
Can't wait for your next novel! !!

Yvonne Hedges on 20/04/15

Have just read The Darkest Hour and once again as with all your previous books,I loved it. the first of yours I ever read was Lady of Hay. I happened to pick it up in a small charity store and once started reading it I couldn't put it down. I passed it on to my daughter who again couldnt put it down. That lead to us collecting all your many books and we can't wait until a new one is published. Thank you for hours of pleasure in reading your books.
Yvonne xx

hilda on 07/04/15

Hi Barbara,The Darkest Hour what a story,love love loved it.Don't know howi'I'll cope until your next book ,thank you for writing such wonderful stories .All of them have been great !

Clive on 07/04/15

i read the preview of your talk about the Darkest Hour in Chichester Observer but unfortunately was abroad. Loved the book and all the local detail. Your father post war was a professional rival of my father as Quantity Surveyors but having expanded our family firm into "BAQUS" I'm glad to say Nigel Rose Group joined us in 2009. Living at Chichester I've spent many happy hours at Westhampnett/Goodwood Circuit!

hilda on 07/04/15

Hi Barbara,The Darkest Hour what a story,love love loved it.Don't know howi'I'll cope until your next book ,thank you for writing such wonderful stories .All of them have been great !

Carli Ramsey on 04/04/15

Barbara you are an absolute gem amongst writers! My mother introduced me to your books with The warrior's princess...I have since read Time's legacy and River of destiny. I havr thoroughly enjoyed all three books, I am now huntin for more...I find that your older books are difficult to find where I'm located, but I will order them if I have to! Well done Barbara!! Your books give me so much joy and transport me to places I would love to visit. Although I'm from South Africa I did spend a short time in England when I was 9, I went to school in South father comes from there...perhaps in the future you may write a story based on that area, I would love to share it with my father!

Keep on writing Barbara...don't ever, ever stop!

Carli - South Africa

Ruth steinfatt on 29/03/15

I have always enjoyed your writing. I just finished The Darkest Hour and Loved it. I am a painter so that aspect of the story was very interesting. I am also very intuitive so the spiritual side held me spellbound.

One of the best books I have read in ages. Thanks

ANNE MULLOCK on 22/03/15

Hi Barbara

I have read all your books and think they are fantastic.

Can you please let me know which literary festivals you will be at this year, as I would love to meet you.

Hi Anne,I am going to take a few months off giving talks while I concentrate on writing the next book, so realistically I doubt if I will be doing any festivals this year - but I hope to be out and about again promoting the next book next year and I shall look forward to seeing you then. B

Angela on 10/03/15

I have read all your novels, and love them, but have just finished reading The Darkest Hour. It had me on the edge of my seat and I think it may be the best yet.

Angela on 10/03/15

I have read all your novels, and love them, but have just finished reading The Darkest Hour. It had me on the edge of my seat and I think it may be the best yet.

Maria Joćo on 02/03/15

I have been introduced to this author with - The Princess Warrior - and I would love to read more!! I HAVE LOVED IT!! How many of your books have been translated into portuguese?

Hi Maria,
I am checking for you (Some of my books are still packed up after I moved house) But one I have found is Segredos na Areia which was published in Portuguese in 2002. The story is set in Egypt - called Whispers in the Sand in English. I hope you can find a copy. x

Florabel on 11/02/15

Loved THE DARKEST HOUR, it reminded me of family discussions about their own experiences in Edinburgh during the Second World War when my Grandmother was famous for her fabulous dinner parties despite rationing! My Uncle was an army officer who saw action in the Middle and Far East as well as Italy, so a historical memoir as well as a fabulous read! Can't wait for the next book, sounds as if its shaping up fast!

Helen on 07/02/15

Each book you have written, you have shared with us such wonderful, living, breathing, memorable people, who inevitably move into our hearts and minds and the wonderful thing is we can revisit them anytime we want.. Thank you Barbara

Anne Mullock on 03/02/15

I've just finished reading The Darkest Hour, and I loved it! I love all your books. A work colleague told me how good you're books are. So my first read was The Edge of Darkness and then Lady of Hay and so on. I've read them all, and am looking forward to the next.
Keep up the good work!

Linda on 02/02/15

My husband an I always look forward to reading your novels, can"t wait until the next one.

Neryl on 31/01/15

Have just finished The Darkest Hour and loved it. So sad to finish it, to have to say goodbye to the wonderful characters in it!
Love your books, have read every one of them, and look forward to a new book in the future, cant wait!!

Alyx on 30/01/15

I'm so glad that The Darkest Hour has done so certainly deserved to as it's a fabulous story with such strong characters. I enjoyed every second of reading it and it will be read again and again.

I home educate my 8 year old son and make sure he has all the information he wants to learn about his chosen subjects. He particularly loves dinosaurs and all earth sciences, but he also loves history and has access to lots of material about the World Wars as well as all other historical events and periods. Our lounge is more like a library and Jamie is constantly reading as well as looking things up on his laptop. It is so important that kids learn about the World Wars...we should never forget them and we need to keep learning from them.

I'm really looking forward to meeting your new characters.
Best of luck with bringing the story to life.


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