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Going through my photo albums lately with a view to putting up some research pictures for each novel it occurred to me how sad it is that with all one’s pics now on line, from phones and cameras and friends, that enjoyable feeling of flipping over the pages of an album will soon be something else which has disappeared into a quaint and superseded past. Just looking at those old albums reminds one of the day the snaps  were excitedly extricated from the wallet in which they were delivered, and takes one back to the moment they were taken! That doesn’t seem to happen when looking at an electronic file full of pics where there might be hundreds, several of each subject with almost no difference between them save the blink of an eye, and perhaps only one in a hundred will ever be printed up in order to give it to someone else.

Having said that, rather ironically we have recently been spending a lot of time putting some lovely old black and white family photos on line to preserve them from fading away entirely.  But sadly so many of them are without names or places and we have been reduced to looking for family likenesses and clues. Yes, there is another novel in there, but maybe not for a couple of years...

This swiftly changing technology appears – or rather, doesn’t appear – in some of my earlier books. In Lady of Hay , for instance, where no one mentions computers, never mind mobile phones, although they have of course  made an appearance  as part of everyday life in the sequel at the end of the new edition!  And Whispers in the Sand, some of the related photos of which I have just put up in the novel section, betrays the technological shift when one of the characters starts talking about film in a camera! Shock, horror!  I don’t miss film in cameras, though.  Life is so much easier without it and being able to whip out one’s phone and click away at a moment’s notice is a joy – and one that can be as easily deleted. Never again will I go on a research trip and realise I have forgotten the camera or run out of film or done something unforgivable like facing into the sun.  Although having said that, I seemed to be able to film the sunrise in the desert without any problem. I was rather impressed by that. Click on Whispers to see...


Frances Simpson (NZ) on 10/09/12

I've read all your books, thank you so much you are an amazing author. I really feel as if I am a part of the book as I am reading and find it so hard to put the book down. I worked for HarperCollins in Auckland N.Z. for 6 months approx 12 years ago, this is where I first found your wonderful books. Please keep them coming.I look forward to your next book.

Rosamund Capenter on 06/08/12

So love your books...started with Lady of Hay....So coincidental as I was born fairly near Abergaveny Castle and live fairly near Bramber Castle now... What a wonderful author you are.

Sincerely ..Ros Carpenter.

lynda redmaynely on 01/08/12

read all your books and loved them all river of destiny athough iwas not gripped from page one as with the others the end i felt was rushed i remain a fan and cannot wait for next loved photos egypt it was your book that made me deserate to go i have done nile trip twice and the spiritual feeling was just as great second time thank you for the hours of enjoyment your books give me

Carol Addison on 08/07/12

The first book I read just recently was Lady of Hay and I could hardly put it down. The next book I read was Child of the Phoenix. I felt I was truly in this story and another could not put down book. I have just got the Warriors Princess to read next. Please keep them coming. xx

Josephine on 18/06/12

I find it so ironic that with all the latest technology and camera phones we are often using apps like Instagram to try to make our photos look vintage. I prefer the hard copies of photographs and really shudder to think that in the future so many memories may well be lost. One task I keep meaning to do is transfer all my daughter's photos from when she was born off the machine and into the hard copy books. I've been telling myself to do this since she was born and she's now seven. xx

Melanie Whitson on 14/06/12

I think about this also. I love bringing out the box of old photos and flicking through them all and my kids love it to, it's quite sad to think they wont have half as many to flick through with their kids. But as you say it's great to just click away wherever you are and no need to pay through the nose to have them developed :)

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