Blog Problems!

I am sorry my blog page has been inactive for a while. The comments facility has been bombarded with weird computer-generated (and unsettlingly illiterate) spam for the last couple of months or so. We hoped we had managed to sort it out, but alas, not quite, although the volume has been greatly reduced. In the mean time I am trying to sort your genuine comments from thousands of these irritating nuisances. Please be patient if you haven’t seen your comment appear. I am trying not to lose any and I think we will get there in the end!

Sorting this out has been part of an overhaul of the web site which I am doing with the aid of my son, Jon, and the web people at 2DMedia. We should have a different version of the film clip coming up soon, and a new short story (at last-  I’ve been waiting for the right moment!) on the day the paperback of Time’s legacy is published which is 3rd February.