Exciting Week Ahead

Well, we are nearly there. Publication day is June 30th officially but there seems to have been so much going on already with Sleeper's Castle and Lady of Hay.  It started with the Hay Festival 'launch' at the end of May.   Tomorrow is the'Hay Castle launch' to which I am obviously particularly looking forward for all sorts of sentimental reasons. That starts at 5.30 pm and is for 'Friends of Hay Castle' (still not too late to join if you want an invitation). Then on Wednesday I am going to a 'fan event' in London.  There is space for a few late comers there as well.  To find out where and how if the mood takes you,  all you need to do is email with the subject line 'I want to meet Barbara Erskine!' - the first 15 emails will secure a place.

On Thursday we have meetings and a party for all the amazing people in the HarperCollins team and the folks who have helped with my books along the way (and it was a long way - 30 years since Lady of Hay was published,) then on to another party and then dinner.... OK, I won't be a starving author any more by the end of that!  But these occasions only come up occasionally.  I am not sure which is most exciting, publication of Sleeper's Castle or Lady of Hay's 30th birthday. And that is 30 years continuously in print. I am so proud of that, but without all those lovely people who helped produce the book- and of course those who actually bought it to read it wouldn't have happened. So, thank you everybody.


 By June 30th itself, I suspect I shall be a bit of a basket case, but by then I will be on  my way back to Wales for a bit of R and R!  Next event on July 12 in Monmouth and there are several more in the pipeline but dates and times have yet to be firmed up.