Hay Festival

First of all I must apologise to those of you who didn't manage to get hold of a ticket for Phil's and my event. It is always wonderful to have a sell out, but less so when people have been disappointed. I met some of you later in the week which was lovely but I do understand a great many people couldn't get there for the first day - and others who tried to get a ticket found they had already gone.

Lots of you bought the book though - thank you so much to people who have been e mailing or tweeting or facebooking their enjoyment of it!

While I was at the festival I recorded a programme with Phil Rickman about my books  and writing over the years which will, I understand be broadcast on or around 20th June on BBC Wales. If you can't get it near you, it will be available for a week after the broadcast on the internet.

I took the opportunity to go to quite a few talks myself - and thoroughly enjoyed them. And had the added and slightly worrying pleasure of hearing about the birth of my first grandson (9 weeks prem) whiile sitting in the artist's restaurant at Ascari's. Thank you again for the glass of champagne on the house, folks - that was brilliant! (sorry about the tears). He is holding his own, I am glad to say, and is called Thomas Owen. How lovely to have a Welsh name.

by the way: if you didn't see it on the way into my web page, take a look at the little film trailer: -it's quite spooky!