News Letter

News Update

It has been a tremendously busy time over the last month or so on every front, preparing for publication, writing and of course all the usual other ‘stuff’ which is life and families, collapsing greenhouses etc.

All sorts of exciting things are in the  pipeline for the publication of Time’s Legacy and while 8th July seems a long way off, when I look at the lists of stories, articles and bibliographies I need to have ready for my website and maybe for publication elsewhere I feel myself quailing under the strain! My publisher is working on some brilliant promotional stuff as well, which I am looking forward to seeing in its finished form.

New puppy Fergus is a joy and a distraction in equal measure. He is going to be too young to go to Hay this year (and probably wouldn’t be allowed into the festival site even if he did,) but he is practising going in the car without crying (don’t we all have to do that, these days!) and he is going to come on some research trips with me as soon as he is allowed to set paw to pavement after his inoculations take effect. He is very keen to be a literary dog!

Several events are on the way – the details are not quite finalised yet and I am hoping for both a busy and a peaceful (i.e. writing) summer in equal contradictory measures!