Now at No 7

And this week it is still in the top 10 . 

 I am afraid one or two mischievous gremlins seem to have been at work on The Dream Weavers – the now infamous page 112 incident – a paragraph which went in post proofreading but definitely unproofread! This has been corrected in the latest printings. I am sorry if the mistakes brought you up short.  I hope it didn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the book.

 And amongst the photos on the website, some have been appearing unalterably sideways, at least on my desktop  (but not on  phones or Ipads).  My guru (Jon)worked through the night to put that right. It turns out it is a well-known glitch in the software – a phrase that makes everyone’s blood run cold. That too has been rectified.  I was beginning to think one of my Anglo-Saxon ladies might be having a little fun at my expense!