Progress of The Darkest Hour

To cut a long story short the Hay Festival went fantastically well.  The books turned up on time; there was a lovely audience - a sell out - and then every copy of the book sold at the signing afterwards. I was so pleased.  It was hard though to explain to people who didn't get a copy that they would have to wait for the official Publication Date which is not until July 3 and at the end of the evening various members of the family nobly gave up their own copies to disappointed would-be buyers.  In the end we were left with only one between us - mine!

This interim period has been filled with publication plans - blogs and articles to be written, events are being arranged, time tables worked out. I am so looking forward to meeting more of my readers when the time comes and I will put up the dates as they are confirmed. And a new heading for the website will go up soon!