The proofs of Time's Lagacy have been read and sent back to the publisher. I know some people do this on line, but I find it is important to read the book straight through on the page. One can miss things on screen, and it is important to see the page at this final stage exactly  as your reader will see it. And one sometimes spots more printing errors and repetitions that way! The jacket is more or less done; the final design is very striking but I haven't yet seen it in full colour with all the final gold which I think will be fabulous. And the motifs aren't quite ready yet either, but on the whole the book is on schedule.

I have just returned from Glastonbury, where the novel is set, where I was taking part in a film which is being made about the town. It will be fascinating - concentrating on the different ways that the place inspires the creative and spiritual impetus in different art forms. I am looking forward to seeing it.

While I was there I took some more photos of the town which I plan to put into my website when the book is published. It is very beautiful, even when wet - in fact the rushing clouds added to the atmosphere, but sadly I didn't have my camera with me when we were walking in a wetland reserve and saw a great white egret - the  most beautiful bird. Truly eery.