Publication of The Ghost Tree coming on 23rd August

After several delays (my fault -  it took far longer to write than I expected) The Ghost Tree is at last almost there.

This book, based around the life of my 5 x great-grandfather, who lived in the Regency Period, was a story I have wanted to write for a very long time. I was surprised by how much information there was about him out there, as well as the huge number of notes and letters and diaries collected by my own family. Thomas Erskine was an extraordinary man. Born the youngest son of an impoverished but aristocratic Scots family his career took him from the Royal Navy into the army and then into the law where he rose to be one of London's top barristers and thence to be Lord Chancellor of England.

But his private life was the part that really fascinated me; there was the love story, of course but also the fact that he was a psychic, believed in ghosts and was not afraid to admit the fact publicly. Around this part of his life in particular I have woven a tale of  revenge, murder and retribution as the past returns to haunt Thomas, his family and his descendants, a tale that fills in some of the gaps in the records, a tale that might just be true ...