The Dream Weavers is launched

Publication Day for The Dream Weavers.  Last night we launched the book  on Zoom with a lovely gathering arranged by my publisher HarperCollins and Rossiters Bookshops. it is always a slightly nerve-wracking experience sitting in front of a camera, but the event had a genuinely family feel as the names of the people watching flashed all too fleetingly across the screen with their greetings to everyone in the meeting. My gorgeous old dog Fergus joined in at one point and was somewhat perplexed next morning to be told that dogs all over the world had returned his greeting in their version of 'the twilight bark'.  So, now the book is out there in the shops!  Although I gather there may be some residual delays in sending them out to people owing to Covid related issues, and if that happens, I am so sorry.  I hope they will be with you very soon and that you will find they are worth waiting for! I am signing a huge pile this weekend and they will be going out on Monday.