The river behind the story

The River Deben was a large part of the inspiration behind the story of River of Destiny and I thought it would be fun to put some of  the film clips I made on my phone while I was researching the story for the book on line. I have sailed on the river myself and in the summer it is teeming with boats of every size and shape but here I think you will see we have captured a more moody river. If you don't know Suffolk, this is what it looks like.  

The clips start just up river from Woodbridge and follow the course of the river (only around a dozen miles) to Felixstowe Ferry at the mouth of the estuary and the famous bar which was in very benevolent mood when we filmed it - though you can on stormier days stand on the beach and watch the breakers crashing on the shore heart in mouth if any boats are trying to get in over it.