The new novel  is to be called Time’s Legacy and it will be published in June. The editing is complete and the proofs will be ready soon. I am finalising a map to go somewhere at the beginning just to remind people where places are, and we have the short but rather complicated chronology in place to go at the end. Complicated because some of the ‘non fiction’ dates are every bit as doubtful and subject to argument, as are their fictional counterparts!

The jacket is not finalised as yet. The idea is to have a new approach to the design and various ideas are under discussion.

Still to do: I am putting together some of my research notes, a bibliography and some photos, just as I did for Warrior’s Princess This will appear on the website when Time’s Legacy is published.

And in the meantime ideas for my next novel – the twelfth – are falling into place. While the snow is thick on the ground it is as good a time as any to start putting some notes together on the new characters and settings and the plot and to start reading up on the historical background. Exciting times.


And I am so sorry to all those of you who have been busy posting such wonderful comments on my blogs. Thank you all so much.  I hadn't found the right button to press to load them up.  Hopefully they will now appear!