River of Destiny   A Bibliography

Some of the books I used for my research


The Anglo-Saxons and Sutton Hoo

Some of these books go back to my time at university, others are more modern. Interesting different approaches to the subject.

R. Markham                                        Through the Rear View mirror

National Trust                                     Sutton Hoo

A.C.Evans                                            The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

Peter Hunter Blair                              Anglo-Saxon England

Geoffrey Hindley                                 Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons

J. Campbell                                         The Anglo-Saxon State

Sir Frank Stenton                                 Anglo-Saxon England (part of the Oxford History of England)

English Heritage                                 Anglo-Saxon England 

Kevin Crosley-Holland                         The Anglo-Saxon World

Mary Savelli                                        Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England

Kevin Leahy                                         Anglo-Saxon Crafts

Stephen Pollington                              Anglo-Saxon FAQs

                                                            The Anglo-Saxon Sword

Bill Griffiths                                         Anglo-Saxon Magic

John Hayward                                     Dark Age Naval Power


Two books to help with the Suffolk Dialect. In the end I used only a few words, but I loved reading these books. They were brilliant!

Charlie Haylock           Sloightly on th’ Huh!

Tony Clarke                 Might Bin Wuss


Watching The Victorian Farm may well have sparked my interest in the Victorian  strand of the  story.  I watched the series avidly, and then enjoyed rummaging around in  our owns sheds where we  had found the battered remains of mystifying ancient tools. Having lived in three former farmhouses with all the ancient litter  of hayforks and vicious looking rusting implements left behind it was interesting to find out what some of the stuff was for. We even had a shed in one of the which must have housed the farrier’s tools, still with a pile of old rusty horseshoes.


Once again I made use of Paul Heiney’s, The Traditional Farming Year, which takes one through the seasons at a gentle pace.