River of Destiny

Research Details

On the banks of the River Deben in Suffolk lie ancient barns dating back to Anglo Saxon times, within whose walls secrets have lain buried for centuries.

New arrivals Zoe and Ken move into one of the converted barns, ready to start a new life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To the outside world they seem happy, but they are growing ever more distant by the day.

Meanwhile the strange presence Zoe feels within their home, and the ghostly shapes she sees through the cloying mists on the river are getting harder to ignore.

Nearby farmers are ploughing the land behind the river, and human bones are found. Are they linked to the Victorian tradgedy the locals whisper about? What is the secret of the grassy mound which has remained untoutched across many centuries, but has now been disturbed with seemingly devastating consequences?

The river is ready to reveal its bloody secrets...